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Bendigo General Dentistry

Bendigo Dentist Clinic provides both basic and advanced general dental care for maintaining and restoring oral health. Schedule regular dental examinations to help keep your teeth and gums healthy and free of bacteria. Preventative dental care can preserve the life of your teeth and eliminate the need for invasive and expensive procedures later.


Providing your child with proper dental care is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent. From the time a child’s teeth first erupt, it’s important that the child be provided the best possible dental care possible in order to keep their teeth healthy, strong and attractive.

The earlier you can schedule a dental appointment for your child, the better your chances of securing your child’s dental health. Plus, it can begin your child on the path of a lifetime of good oral hygiene.


Scheduling regular dental examinations can help catch dental problems before they grow into bigger issues. The longer dental health issues go undetected, the worse they can become. And the more expensive and invasive the procedures to correct them.

Regular check-ups, along with the associated services are often subsidized or provided with “no-gaps” to people belonging to private health insurance funds who have additional or ancillary coverages.

Remember, regularly scheduled check-ups every six months can help identify and correct little problems before they get too serious.


At Bendigo Dentist Clinic, our goal is to help you keep your teeth for life. The best way to reduce or eliminate the risk for tooth decay, serious bacterial infections and tooth or gum disease is to implement a comprehensive preventative dentistry program.

Our dentists at Bendigo Dentist Clinic work with you to provide a full range of preventative services, including regular check-ups, proper dental hygiene instruction, and the best quality dental care in Bendigo.

At Bendigo Dentist Clinic, our goal with preventative dentistry is to keep you smiling brightly for the rest of your life.


Root canal treatment is used when a tooth is damaged by decay, abscess or fracture. It retains your original tooth with the need for tooth extraction.

When combined with a dental crown, root canal therapy can help prevent premature tooth loss and will restore the function and comfort of your teeth, preserving your bright smile.


Composite fillings are used for smaller cavities and are comparable in strength to amalgam and require less drilling to prepare the tooth. They usually can be completed during a single visit to the Bendigo Dentist Clinic.

Once the cavity is prepared for the composite filling, the filling can be inserted by one of our highly professional dentists, who will then use a special light to harden the material.

When the filling is completed, the dentist will then trim the composite to create the perfect fit. The tooth will then be polished to eliminate discolouration or staining.


Tooth extraction is the last possible option. It normally is only required if your tooth has extreme tooth decay, trauma or other serious threats to its integrity.

In some cases, tooth extraction can be part of a larger dental procedure, such as the extraction of one or more permanent teeth in order to make room for orthodontic or Invisalign treatment.


Using dentures to replace missing teeth is often a more affordable option than bridge work or implants. Because dentures are removable, they are often not as comfortable as a fixed dental prosthesis.

At Bendigo Dental Clinic, our denture services can be used for single tooth replacement, partial tooth loss or for the replacement of all teeth.

Our dentists use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to offer the highest quality of dental care to our patients.

To make an appointment with the Bendigo Dental Clinic or to discuss our General Dentistry services, you can request an appointment online or you can contact us by telephone at 1800 754 671 to make your appointment at Bendigo Dental Clinic.

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